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Great article on topics that agents can use for their social media posts…specifically what titles to use to inspire content creation! 

Trying to attract new business by using your website? Feeling a bit overwhelmed at trying to get into the search engines, and be found by your prospective customers? Every real estate agent dreams of being in the top search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing when potential home buyers do a search, but is that reality?

In a competitive marketplace like real estate, you need to specialize – niche – in order to be found. You may have heard of all the benefits associated with blogging, but what do you blog about? For home buyers, here’s a few post titles that will make good posts to start gaining attention both in search results, and with people looking for your services.

Buying Real Estate

  • Should I Work With A Professional Real Estate Agent?
  • Pitfalls On Buying A Home Without A Real Estate Agent
  • Buying A Home In The Perfect Neighborhood
  • Is Getting A Pre-Qualified Letter Important When Buying Real Estate?
  • Buying A Home That Is For Sale By Owner
  • How To Select A Realtor?
  • Single Family Home In Covenant Controlled Community
  • What Is Covered In HOA Fees?
  • How Fast Can A Home Close?
  • What Are The Components Of A Real Estate Offer?
  • Checking Out New Home Options On The Internet Searches

First Time Real Estate Buyer

  • How Much Is Required For My First Home?
  • What Is The Process For Buying My First Home?
  • Should I get a home inspection on my first home?
  • First Time Home Buyer – Choosing The Right Area?
  • Think About The Location When Choosing Your First Home
  • Do I Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy My First Home?
  • Is Pre Qualifying Important With My First Home?
  • Is Buying A Foreclosed Property A Good Idea?
  • What Makes A Good Starting Home?

When creating your posts for your real estate website or blog, it is very important to create original content. Sure, it may seem easy to use pre-written content you find online, or even through your own company, but search engines frown upon duplicate content. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing look to the originator of the posts, and award them with the top search engine results.

The only way to utilize all the benefits of a content marketing strategy is to generate original content yourself. If you are having trouble generating content for your real estate blog, you have options. Hiring a professional blog writer or ghost blogger can take the burden off of this daunting task, and allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best – working with home buyers and sellers to close your home listings.

Curated from 20 Titles For Buyers On Real Estate Blogs

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