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I have a property video for my listing, now what do I do?

You will receive 2 versions of your video 1) Branded with your contact information and 2) Unbranded without your contact information. The Branded video should be used in all your personal marketing. The Unbranded video is used for the MLS as agent contact info is not allowed.

Video Placement

  1. Add our Virtual Tour link to MLS: The Virtual Tour link is the source for all your listing media content, including the property video! Paste the Unbranded Virtual Tour link in your MLS listing before going live. Home buyers start their home search online so equip those buyers with all the media possible to show off the property and give a GREAT first impression with the MVL Unbranded Tour Link. Didn’t get a Virtual Tour from MVL? Upload your Unbranded .MP4 File as an Unlisted video to YouTube and add that link to the MLS.
  2. Upload to your YouTube Channel: You’ll receive your Branded .MP4 video file from MVL to upload to your YouTube channel. YouTube makes up over half of the online video market share and is the 2nd largest search engine.
    KEY: Embed your YouTube videos on your website, share the video link on your social media like your business Facebook page. Even if your friends and followers aren’t looking for a house now, they may in the future…these videos, whether they are for properties or other (see ideas below), you will be seen as an experienced expert in your field who can be trusted.
    **See our suggestions for filling out Title, Description and Tags below! You’ll gain exposure just having properly formatted video wording.
  3. Upload to Facebook. This may be a new concept for some! A video uploaded directly to Facebook will autoplay and the thumbnail is over twice as large on the news feed compared to material linked from other sites. So be sure to upload the Branded .MP4 file we provide to your business branded Facebook page (need help with your Facebook? Let us help you).
    Facebook uploaded videos get more engagement than YouTube links in a post that take viewers off Facebook to watch. Having videos in Facebook’s Video tab also shows your audience that you’re invested in marketing your clients’ homes for sale. From there, you share the video on your Business Page wall, on your personal profile page wall, and do a targeted advertisement on Facebook promoting the property video post.
  4. Brokerage YouTube Channel: Find out if your brokerage has its own YouTube channel and upload your Branded or Unbranded .MP4 video file that MVL provides.
  5. Upload directly to Zillow: At My Visual Listings, we are a “Zillow Certified Photography” company. This means we can upload your video directly into the Zillow listing for the property, helping to improve the listing rankings and emails that Zillow sends out!

What are the benefits of a property video?

  • To inform about the property
  • Drive traffic to your website (see our suggestions for Descriptions in YouTube below)
  • Provides branding, professionalism and authority as a Realtor – videos build trust and rapport to your brand even if it’s just a property video

What other videos can I create besides property videos?

  • Subdivision / Community or Lifestyle Video
  • Website Introduction
  • Testimonials with Clients
  • Commercial for Realtor team
  • Your Marketing Plan as a Realtor
  • Listing Presentation
  • How To’s of Buying or Selling a Home
  • Investing In Real Estate
  • Home Warranties, the Loan Process
  • Precautionary Tales in Real Estate

How should I format a YouTube upload?

While uploading the video:

Title format:
“Address of property”  |  “Your contact phone number”  | “Keyword”
Ex: 123 Main Street, Orlando, FL  |  407-734-0102  |  Orlando Homes for Sale

Description format:
See virtual tour here: “Include the branded tour link”
# Beds |  # Baths  |  Sq feet
“Home description” from the MLS.
“Your contact info including website URL”

Tags/Keywords (copy and paste in Tag box and add your own keywords as you see fit):
Orlando real estate, real estate orlando, homes for sale, real estate, realtor, Houses for Sale Orlando, Homes for Sale Florida

Add to a Playlist called:
Homes for Sale or Featured Listings
(Name your playlist how you like)

Check the boxes to post video to your Google Plus Profile and Twitter accounts (connect these accounts when prompted)

See the example screenshot below:

Real estate video marketing


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