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Take a look at these stunning kitchens photographed by MVL in homes around Orlando. Whether your home is new construction or resale it always helps to stage your home like a model home when it comes to selling a property. These kitchens stand out not only for their modern designs, but they show only a few items. Here are tips that stand out when staging for real estate photography when selling a home:

  • Open cookbook on a stand
  • Fake or real fruit in a clear or wire bowl
  • Fake or real grass plant along the back
  • Unobstructive decor on an island – nothing too high or bulky to block a shot.
  • Place settings that all match
  • Pop of color with flowers, fruit or ceramic/glass vase
  • No clutter appliances or cooking utensils! The container full of spatulas is hidden, remove that toaster or knife rack (unless you have a vacation home we’re photographing). You want to show off your backsplash, not block it!
  • Spices and cooking oils are put away

Using these tips, you will help buyers imagine themselves cooking there, also making the kitchen look turn-key and well maintained.


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