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If you are getting ready to list a home or you want to make your rental stand out against the competition, then here are the top 10 ways to make you listings stand out.  To get our full documentation on tips for preparing a home for photography, contact us at 407-734-0102:

  1. Remove Distractions. Mounted TV’s are cool but a fray of cables are not. Buy a cable-hider and stuff those messy cables away! Do you store extra luggage or containers under the bed? Make sure nothing can be seen underneath the bed or use bedding that covers this area such as a simple bed skirt.

    Clean of cables!

  2. Working Lights. When’s the last time you turned on ALL your lights? In photos, having all the lights glowing in the shot makes for a welcoming and glowing shot. Test all your lighting for any broken lamps or light bulbs. Also keeping in mind that the SAME temperature light bulbs make a difference in a consistent look.

    All lights are on and looks beautiful!

  3. Foliage Alert! We see immaculate homes on the inside, but someone forgot to trim the trees and hedges outside. The front shot is the first image buyers and renters see, so pay special attention to overgrown or dead trees and bushes to give the positive impression of a well-maintained property.  Trim back trees that look like they are overhanging the view of the front. We don’t want a front shot that looks like a tree is growing out of the roof! Same goes for the backyard – put away gardening pots that aren’t being used, bug sprays, and spruce up any outdoor furniture. Adding colorful cushions or even a nice outdoor rug will make a huge difference. Less is more!

    Properly trimmed and manicured yard

  4. Clear Countertops. Clear those countertops of miscellaneous objects! Remove those toasters, pile of cookbooks, and even a paper towel roll. Cleaned off areas gives a fresh, taken-care-of look and not a bogged down one. Cleaning off the counter top also opens up the view if there is open kitchen bar/sitting area between kitchen/dining/living room.

    Clear view of kitchen. Only a few items on the countertops for that stagged feel.


  5. Rug Rundown. Nice floors are a big selling point. Remove small rugs in hallways and kitchens to make the room look bigger and to show off those floors!

    No rugs or mats on the floor!

  6. Staged place settings on the table. Setting the table in a minimalist way is very inviting and looks like those model homes you are competing with.  Use matching placemats, a plate with a bowl and a simple napkin to finish off the look.  You can also add matching glassware.

    Simple settings are a nice touch for photography

  7. Sweeping and/or pressure washing driveways. Lots of leaves and debris look messy and so does a dirty driveway!
  8. Clean mirrors/glass…With no streaks. It’s very distracting to see streak marks on bathroom mirrors. Make sure you clean these puppies well! Want more tips on bathroom staging? See our post on Colorful Bathrooms that Sell!

    Clean mirrors (no streaking here!)


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