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The most important photo when selling a home is the first exterior shot that buyers see online. It’s extremely important that Realtors and sellers work together to maximize the exterior curb appeal not only for the photos but also when those buyers come to view the home. A buyer’s perception of the home online is as important as the reality. Even if your home is in perfect shape, if the exterior condition doesn’t reflect that then you might be losing potential offers or higher offers.

Tree Trimming

    • One of the biggest issues I see with exterior photos is low hanging branches that are caught in the shot. It’s important to have clean front images free of extra, distracting foliage. Stand in your front yard and face the house; do you see any low branches that cover the roof line or block windows or doors?  If so, then a trim job is probably in order!

Power Wash walk-ways and driveway (even the house)

    • Cleaning away that built up of dirt and grime can really add that visual appeal, especially in real estate photos. Having clean concrete or pavers removes the gradient look going from dirty to clean. Or if the house siding has any built up mold from the humid months, it’s best to remove for photos and when buyers come walking in the door.

De-Weed and Add Accent Flowers

    • It’s easy to let little weeds pop up but when it comes to selling your home, every little detail counts. Before photos, see where the weeds have crept in, especially along or in the driveway, near the garage and front door.  Spend a few dollars to purchase a few colorful flowers to accent the front look – either plant directly into the ground with new mulch or add to nice planters.

Clean tile or even shingle roof

    • If you’re planning on doing drone photography, make sure the roof shingles are clean and not moldy, especially if it’s white! The aerial photos will pick up dirt and grime, sometimes even with the ground shots. Hire a professional roof cleaner for the job.

Stage the Front Patio

    • If you have a front patio, take the extra effort to really decorate and put some pizzazz into the space. Create a welcoming feel by making the outdoors feel like indoors. Add some modern furniture with colorful pillows, an outdoor rug with some pattern or color, centerpieces or flowers also add a nice touch. Plus remember to remove cobwebs or wasp nests if there are any around!


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