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Property Brochures OrlandoYou can create your own unique property features sheets FREE with every MVL tour. Utilize this great marketing tool at your Open Houses or for sharing with potential buyers either by printing or emailing the PDF.


First, log into your MVL Member area either from your last tour-ready email, or go to the Agent Login page and input your email and password. Once you’ve logged in, click on the menu tab “Create/Edit Feature Sheet.” From there scroll to the bottom and click “Create a New Feature Sheet” and select the tour you’d like to do.  Follow the prompts until you reach the end and either save the Feature Sheet as a PDF or email it to clients.

You can create 1 page or 4 pages with as much or as little property details as you like. Pick your color scheme and design layout along with your favorite MVL photos to finish off the sheet.

Detailed instructions are in the video tutorial. Watch Video Tutorial Here (click the photo):

property feature sheets orlando




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